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Warriors OC: Hazeltail by Ethereal-Ether Warriors OC: Hazeltail by Ethereal-Ether
My fourth warriors OC. (not to be confused with the Thunderclan Hazeltail.)

Name: Hazelkit/Hazelpaw/Hazeltail

Age: 17 moons

Gender: Female

Mate: Iceclaw

Clan: WindClan/Dark forest

Description: Large, hazel-brown she-cat with a cruel streak

Story: Hazeltail was born into WindClan as Hazelkit. As she grew up, it was evident that she somehow had a cruel streak. When Coalkit was born Hazelpaw scratched her on the nose, even though she claimed it was an accident. Hazeltail had a crush on Iceclaw, but so did Coalfur and Swanfeather. Hazltail was also jealous about Graydawn being chosen as deputy of Windclan, and decided to do something about it (well didn't Tigerstar when he killed Redtail?) one night hazeltail told her sister her plan to get rid of Coalkit and Graydawn. So one day when Coalfur and Iceclaw were on border patrol, Iceclaw strayed away to catch some prey. all of a sudden, Hazeltail came out of nowhere and slashed coalfur through her heart birthmark, as if breaking it into two. When Hazeltail was about to kill Coalfur, Iceclaw came back and pleaded with hazeltail not to kill coalfur. Hazeltail agreed, but only if he became her mate. as Hazeltail left with iceclaw, she threatened coalfur to kill her if she came back to tell the clan what hazeltail did. after a few moons, iceclaw couldn't stand to keep the sectet, so he went to tell the clan leader. however, hazeltail killed him to keep the secret. when bloodclan invaded the forest and they had their great battle, scourge killed hazeltail and pantherfang to avenge graydawn. hazeltail went to the Dark forest, and that's where she's been living ever since.

and that's hazeltail. u_u well it looks like i changed my drawing style a bit ^^;

Swanfeather: coming soon
Iceclaw: coming soon
Pantherfang: coming soon

hazeltail (c) me
warriors (c) erin hunter
CocoCookieBear Featured By Owner May 24, 2014
looks great! :) (Smile) 
Ethereal-Ether Featured By Owner May 24, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
thanks! ^^
CocoCookieBear Featured By Owner May 24, 2014
yw! ^^
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May 24, 2014
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